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The Clinic is open Monday through Friday. Hours vary. Please contact us for clinic availability.


Here's what our clients are saying!

Brent and I feel so fortunate to have found Melinda. We had Covid back in January and never really recovered. I had a cough lasting more than four months and my husband was just tired and achy and not himself , myself as well was always fatigued and achy. Didn’t know what was causing it didn’t even think that a cold caused such long lasting effects. After one treatment with Melinda in the comfort of our … Read More

— Dena Moreno

I want to thank Melinda of 7B IV for healing me of COVID long haulers cough. Her Meyers cocktail and Glutathione was just the ticket. Melinda will lovingly discover what your health needs are and then cheerfully administer the RX. You will love getting to meet her and will look forward to her next visit. She is gifted with getting you better. Don't suffer, call Melinda and knock it out!

— Garth Weme

100% would recommend Melinda to anyone in need of an IV hydration preparation before a major athletic event or after the fact! Saved me both times! I can’t seem to hydrate no matter how much water I drink, if I play or run in the heat I don’t last long and have to stop. Last week in 90 degree weather I was able to run 7.2 miles non stop no problem and additionally 10 more miles later on that evening. … Read More

— Jonathan McCormick

When I was in need of a boost, I contacted Melinda and she made a time to come to my home and treated me with Vit C I V. She treated me with such care and concern it was comforting, refreshing as well as helpful to the whole healing process. She is professional as well as personable. She then reached out to me a few days later to see how I was doing. I highly recommend her services.

— Mary Petersen, Athol ID

Our family searched and found Melinda after a truly terrifying night with our father. We were all exhausted, and the house felt very empty and sucked of its usual happiness. She came in with endless joy, hope and open love. Greeted our father, the family and reassured him she was here to do all she could for him. She walked us through step by step making sure we weren’t left in the dark on anything she was … Read More

— The Furlong Family