Testimonial from...

Jonathan McCormick

100% would recommend Melinda to anyone in need of an IV hydration preparation before a major athletic event or after the fact! Saved me both times!

I can’t seem to hydrate no matter how much water I drink, if I play or run in the heat I don’t last long and have to stop.

Last week in 90 degree weather I was able to run 7.2 miles non stop no problem and additionally 10 more miles later on that evening. Would not have been able to do so without the help and amazing services from Melinda’s 7B-IV.

After the race I’ve been wiped for a week, couldn’t bounce back mentally and 100% physically. Took her recovery IV before going to a concert I planned on kinda chllin at cause I didn’t totally have the energy and ended up dancing all night! Woke up this morning feeling great energized and ready for anything.

Thank you Melinda for this amazing service, literally made a positively huge difference in my performance and my recovery afterwards. Thank you thank you!